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Trade Winds

When a simple blue sky is not so simple:

"If you don't like the weather, wait a minute."


Oil on Board

Over earth and ocean, with gentle motion, This pilot is guiding me, Lured by the love of the genii that move In the depths of the purple sea; ...

Few subjects are as captivating and awe-inspiring in art as the ever-changing skies. I have come to appreciate the blue sky more than ever this year, a year of wildfires. The title "Prevailing Winds " implies that the main focus of the painting is intended to be the dramatic moving clouds that I was privileged to see on my afternoon painting at the most lovely spot. It felt like a gift to capture the day after a week-long sentence of orange-smog-filled days.

This painting, completed on location in Lyme, Connecticut, celebrates the awe-inspiring beauty of the Earth. The gentle winds cleared the polluted sky, allowing me to bask in a sunlit field, listening to the birds chirp and dance above the tall grasses near the shore. The breeze carries air contaminants away from the source, causing particles to disperse. Generally, the higher the wind speed, the more pollutants are dispersed and the lower their concentration. However, too strong of wind can cause hurricane force…so not great for humans. Weather is much more complicated than I am prepared to tackle, but it is clear that it operates on a delicate balance of just enough, not too much. The most recent catastrophic wildfires in Hawaii, which reduced much of a historic seaside town to ash, were fueled by severe drought conditions and fierce, hurricane-strength winds — a confluence of extremes amplified by climate change.

...I am the daughter of Earth and Water, And the nursling of the Sky; I pass through the pores of the ocean and shores; I change, but I cannot die...

Creating movement in a painting can be challenging primarily because a painting is a static medium, frozen in time and devoid of actual motion. It relies on skill and technique to convey movement through composition, color, and brushwork visual cues. Balancing elements, using leading lines, and considering the arrangement of shapes, colors, and values are crucial in creating a harmonious flow that implies movement.

Conveying movement and flow was my primary aim while painting. Metaphorically speaking, just as a pleasing painting needs balance, so does our environment. The simple blue sky symbolizes hope and renewal, offering a reprieve from the suffocating smoke and a glimpse into a brighter future. It represents a return to normalcy and restoration of the natural balance that was temporarily disrupted. Through collective efforts, we can strive to ensure that future generations continue to witness the simple beauty of a clear, blue sky. "Prevailing Winds" reminded me of our planet's boundless beauty. We need to protect its fragile balance is all too apparent. I appreciate the fleeting beauty of the natural world.

Evoking a sense of wonder and serenity is my sincere hope. With its dynamic skies and vibrant colors, "Trade Winds" will infuse any space with natural beauty and artistic expression. Viewers gazing upon the painting are invited to reflect on our environment's intricate balance and connection to nature. Contact me for this exquisite piece or anything you find inspiring.

...And out of the caverns of rain, Like a child from the womb, like a ghost from the tomb, I arise and unbuild it again.

Click the link in the box below to direct to my website. This piece and all other works are for purchase to inspire and enjoy in your own space/home.

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